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V1: The #1 Video Analysis Software for Every Golfer!

With the ability to reach my students on and off the lesson tee, V1 truly is the most trusted swing analysis software in golf today.

Video For the Modern Day

  • Manage your swing changes lesson to lesson
  • Compare your swing to the best players in the world
  • Voice recording summary of lesson
  • Online locker to view lessons from any PC, Mac or mobile device
  • Send your swing to Scott via Online Lessons

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Online Lessons With V1 Using Your Phone or Tablet

V1 Online Lessons are the easiest way to keep in touch with Scott away from lesson tee.  Download the free V1 app on your android or apple device, film your swing using your smartphone or tablet and send that swing to Scott for analysis.  Scott will respond directly with specific drills, feelings, club and/or body movements you can focus on between lessons.  This will insure your practice time remains productive and on point with your long term goals.blet


  • 1 Video Lesson
  • 3-5 Minute Recap
  • Personalized Locker


  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 3-5 Minute Recap
  • Personalized Locker


  • 10 Video Lessons
  • 3-5 Minute Recap
  • Personalized Locker

What are Online Lessons?

Send your recorded swing on your iPhone or Android device directly to Scott for instant analysis.  Get feedback, drills, swing thoughts and a consistent game plan for working on your game between lessons.

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