The Stinger Fade with a Driver

Having a reliable go to shot off the tee is always a weapon worth equipping your game with. The stinger is a shot which not only can be extremely reliable but also versatile enough to be used in many scenarios you might run into during your round. Contrary to what popular belief might say, hitting the ball low does not require you to move the Scott Sackett Driver Stinger 3ball back in your stance. With the help of TrackMan, I have some simple things you can do to sting it low off the tee.

  • Tee the ball lower. Drivers, fairway woods and hybrids are all shaped like a half moon from top to bottom. Meaning, there is less loft below the center of the club face and more loft above the center of the club face. 1 Inch above or below is equal to approximately 5.2 degrees. Contacting the ball in the center and not above center is imperative to the success of this shot. Notice the Dynamic Loft of this shot only being 11.5 degrees and overall height being 58 feet. Had the ball been contacted 1 inch above center, that by default would take the Dynamic Loft and make it 16.7 degrees. Taking any chance of hitting the ball low away.


  • Note the yellow circle being the target in the first player image. Ball position is off his left heel and feet are slightly open to the target. Align the club face at address to the target.
  • Keep your right foot (for a right handed player) on the ground a little longer than you might normally do.Scott Sackett Driver Stinger
  • In order to ensure the golf club is traveling down, you’ll want to swing on your foot line.
  • The hands and handle of the golf club should be moving up and left at impact. This will ensure the handle beats the golf club to impact and the club is delofted.


This is a great shot for shorter par 4’s where you might hit 3 wood or a hole where you absolutely have to put in the fairway. It’s one way to sting it low off the tee. Try it out on the range next time you’re out practicing and see how low you can hit it!


Scott Sackett Driver Stinger 2

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