The 3 Questions Every Player Should Ask

Making practice more efficient is the quickest way to see results on the golf course. I’m going to share some knowledge with you which will dramatically improve your practice and help transfer those gains in practice to the golf course.

While practicing, it is important to be extremely accurate with determining your target. I encourage students to use an alignment rod in selecting your target.


Question 1  |  Where did I hit the golf ball on the face?

TrackMan has shown us the importance of striking the ball in the center of the face. As a player it is important to know how an off center hit effects the Launch Direction of the golf ball (Face Angle) and curvature (Club Path.)

  • Heel impact moves the starting direction of the golf ball left and either decreases the amount of draw Spin Axis or increases the amount of fade Spin Axis.
  • Toe impact moves the starting direction of the golf ball right and either decreases the amount of fade Spin Axis or increases the amount of draw Spin Axis.


Question 2  |  Where did the golf ball start?

TrackMan has indicated Face Angle (amount open or shut to the target line) is primarily responsible for Launch Direction.  A Face Angle which is open will start right of target and a Face Angle which is closed will start left.

*Assuming center contact and Club Path of zero. With driver or fairway wood face is responsible for 85% of starting direction, iron 75%.   Club path is responsible for the remaining 15% & 25%.


Question 3  |   Which way did the ball curve in the air?

Club path (amount in-out or out-in the club is moving through impact) is responsible for curvature.   With a Face Angle of zero, a Club Path which is in-out will produce a shot traveling right to left and a Club Path which is out-in will produce a shot left to right.

* Assuming center contact & right handed golfer


How do answering these questions help me become better?

If you able to answer these three questions correctly, you’ll be able to get all the information you need to make quick adjustments to both Face Angle & Club Path.  Ultimately reducing the amount of time it takes to make positive changes in your ball flight and become better aware of what all the TrackMan numbers mean and how they connect to your game.

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