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Private Lessons

Private lessons are quickest avenue towards game improvement. I have individually designed my private lessons to help you get the most of your game in the shortest time frame.

In our first session, we need to answer 3 questions:

  • What is the current state of your game?
  • What are your long term goals along with a time table?
  • What specifically needs to take place to accomplish those goals?

As your coach, I feel it is most beneficial to long term player development for you to understand the learning curve of a golfer or what I like to call, the process of improvement. The video below is one of my TrackMan weekly lesson screencasts.  You will receive a similar screencast which can be viewed on any device from anywhere.  It will contain any data, drills and things we focused on.

Your Lesson Includes:

The Edufii platform provides a one-stop hub for active learning, performance tracking and building stronger coach and athlete relationships. I use Edufii in each lesson to expand our relationship beyond the lesson. You can login to your Edufii account via the free smartphone app to view all of our lesson notes and videos. It also allows me to check up on your progress. You, the player, can post videos and notes into your timeline where I can monitor your progress away from the lesson tee. This has become the missing link between students and coach between lessons.

Single Lesson


Junior Lessons

In a junior lesson I like to always start with focusing on the fundamentals of each student.  As a younger player its important to instill good fundamentals early on so those habits carry on throughout the player’s career.
As a coach, its very important to find their strengths (continuing to build those) while also looking at their weaknesses.  I look to create a game plan to build and improve those areas of weakness ultimately making them a strengths.   With a junior based on age, the short game becomes paramount as a form of scoring, competing, playing well.  Sometimes the focus on distance is the primary focus of the junior, often times it is the case distance takes care of itself as the player ages and becomes more fundamentally sound.

Single Lesson


Club Fitting

With 30 years of fitting experience, I am certain I have the equipment that will most benefit your game.

I carry the entire Titleist 917 Driver line.  Lofts vary from 7 to 13.5 degrees with both the D2 & D3 heads.   For fitting purposes, I posses a wide assortment of shafts with the full spectrum of flexes from senior, to ladies, all the way up to extra stiff.  In addition, I offer the 917F2 and 917F3  fairway woods, 816 hybrid line & 716 AP1, AP2, CB and MB Irons.  While being fit we will use TrackMan, the most accurate and powerful club fitting tool in the golf industry today.  I know without a doubt I will be able to maximize the amount you get out of your game by having the best equipment fit properly for you!  To learn more about the technology behind the Titleist new product line, visit

The most common way in the industry for a player to get fit is fit them based on how they swing on the day they are fitted. That type of fitting is called “fitting for compensation,” which is a mistake if a player is trying to improve. If on the day a player is fit, they are coming over the top and the fitter is not a qualified teaching professional, the player ends up getting fit into specifications matching a poor swing. When a player is fit to match a poor swing, they are being rewarded for a poor swing and end up worse off than not being fit prior. In the industry today, many people are buying credibility through technology. Just because you can buy an x-ray machine doesn’t mean you are a radiologist. Last summer I had a student who was in the process of improving and was fit using a generic launch monitor during a demo day at their country club. The “fitter” told him his launch angle was too low and wanted to sell him a 12° driver; fortunately, he called me first. I told him not to buy the driver because presently his down swing or angle of attack, was too steep and as a result was de-lofting the face of his driver producing a lower launch angle. As we moved his approach closer to the proper swing plane, creating better launch angle and angle of attack, it became apparent the 12° driver would launch the ball too high. Again, the wrong fitting would have rewarded him to continue to make a poor swing. Today’s fitting technology is valuable if someone knows how to read and apply the information to the player. The proper and most efficient way for a player to be fit is to be “fitted through instruction™.” A teaching professional who has been trained in instruction and who understands the various ball flights which result from certain swing flaws has a much better chance of helping a student into golf equipment that can make a positive impact on their game. An experienced golf instructor can help make a decision as to what is the proper lie angle, shaft flex, shaft material, grip size, club length and the set make up as a whole. Since I have had Trackman III, it is much easier for me as an instructor to fit you properly and provide you the knowledge to understand why you’re being fit the way you are. The great thing with Trackman III is it produces concrete, irrefutable data allowing you to compare any two pieces of equipment giving you a black and white picture as to what is best for your game. Without being fit using today’s technology, you’re giving up distance, accuracy and shots to the field. The bottom line is if you are considering buying equipment this year, the biggest mistake you can make is buying off the shelf. Your equipment should be customized to fit you to play your best. The second biggest mistake you can make is allowing a “fitter,” who doesn’t understand your golf swing, to determine the specifications of your equipment. During my lessons one of the most difficult things I have to tell someone is that their new custom equipment doesn’t fit their improved golf swing. In effect, they wasted their money. The value in golf equipment is not in the price, it’s in the performance. If you save $100 on a driver because you got a “good deal” and it doesn’t lower your score, then you wasted whatever money you spent on it. Club Fitting Rates:

Club Fitting


10 Hour Series

$14950010 hours

Development Series

The 10 hour Development Series gives us time to create a game plan that works.  The first lesson creates the foundation and will become our blueprint for your success.  We will work together in setting realistic goals for what your desires are outlining a specific game plan focusing on your time both on and off the lesson tee.  I generally start out with full swing and work into short game, from there we take it to the course. But not is all cases. Remember the package is what you want it to be.  Learn more about my Development Series here. [AnythingPopup id=”2″]

Single Lesson


Trackman Evaluation

A TrackMan evaluation is strictly for players looking for their TrackMan data and relative state of their game.  This will include working up through the bag from lob wedge to driver gathering club delivery data, ball data and distance data.   A detailed report with the results of the TrackMan evaluation will be emailed out at the conclusion of the session.


Single Lesson

$15000Per Combine

Trackman Combine

A TrackMan Combine is strictly for players looking for their TrackMan data and relative state of their game.  A TrackMan Combine test is 45 minutes in length and is scored based on distance and accuracy.  60 shots are hit from distances starting at 60 yards up to driver.

Online Lessons With V1 Using Your Phone or Tablet

V1 Online Lessons are the easiest way to keep in touch with Scott away from lesson tee.  Download the free V1 app on your android or apple device, film your swing using your smartphone or tablet and send that swing to Scott for analysis.  Scott will respond directly with specific drills, feelings, club and/or body movements you can focus on between lessons.  This will insure your practice time remains productive and on point with your long term goals.


  • 1 Video Lesson
  • 3-5 Minute Recap
  • Personalized Locker


  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 3-5 Minute Recap
  • Personalized Locker


  • 10 Video Lessons
  • 3-5 Minute Recap
  • Personalized Locker

Cancellation Policy

Lesson Cancellation Policy

  • A lesson must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson.
  • If lesson is cancelled under the 48 hour grace period there is a $40.00 late cancellation fee.
  • If you have a development series lesson and you cancel in the 24 hour grace period and I cannot fill the lesson, you will have a lesson deducted from your series.
  • If you have a development series lesson and I cancel your lesson in a 48 hour grace period you will receive a free lesson.
  • Development Series package expires 18 months from date of purchase.
  • To cancel a lesson, simply email me directly at [email protected].


If a refund takes place and you are on a development series package, the refund will go back to the hourly rate.

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