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It isn’t often a piece of technology comes out where I think to myself that it’s a “game changer.” I would like the share with you something I’ve started using which literally “measures your mind.” It’s called the Focus Band. It’s a headband which you wear that connects to a mobile phone or iPad measuring the individual’s presence in either the left or the right brain.

The left brain is our day to day analytical brain. It helps in solving problems, analyzing data and handles a lot of the conscious thought one might have during the day. The right brain is more the creative side. It helps in creating a relaxed state, a calmness. Artists, musicians and athletes often describe this as being in the zone. If you notice their eyes are relaxed, soft and they posses a calmness often times appearing mentally clear.

Golf is a very right brain game and this tool gives you real time, live feedback regarding where you are at. There is an avatar which in real time (shown in the image) tells you exactly where you are in your brain. The more into the right brain you go, the higher your score goes. Achieving what is called “quiet eye,” indicates you have the softer eyes necessary in order to enter the right brain fully and perform your best. It is sort of like a game. This tool can be taken anywhere and its applications go far beyond the golf course. It can measure breath rates as well.

One of the players who relies on this heavily in his training is Jason Day. If you pay close attention to his pre shot routine, you notice there is a moment where he becomes very solid, calm and relaxed. This is him entering the right brain. Pay more attention to him in his pre shot routine and you’ll notice the shift. Stay tuned for more about the Focus Band.



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