Face Angle

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What is Face Angle?


TrackMan Face Angle Defintion

Most golfers refer to this as having an “open” or “closed” club face.

A positive value means the club face is pointed to the right of the target at impact (“open” for a right-handed golfer) and a negative value means the club face is pointed to the left of the target (“closed” for a right-handed golfer).

Face angle is the most important number when determining the starting direction of the golf ball. The ball will launch very closely to the direction the club face (face angle) is pointed at impact.

To hit a straight shot, the face angle should be zero. The optimal face angle depends on the type of shot the golfer wants play.

A golfer may want to hit a 5 yard fade, straight shot, or 10 yard draw. Each of these shots has its own optimal face

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