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BodiTrak:  Ground Mechanics

BodiTrak Measures, in real time the ground force through your swing.

BodiTrak: Learning the source of power

The Grind: Which Grind Are You?

Every player is different.  Your Grind is custom to you, how you deliver the club and the common turf conditions you play.  I offer vokey wedge fittings which include all 5 Vokey Wedge Grinds.  Together, we will find the perfect grind for your game.

The ability to measure Ground Mechanics

In our wedge fitting, we are going to hit a variety of shots from multiple distances and lies.  Using TrackMan, we can measure the differences in spin rates, launch angles and total height with each different grind.  The goal being to maximize spin rate with all shot types; chips, pitches and lobs.

A Day With Bob Vokey

I had the distinct pleasure in October to be a guest at the TPI Fitting Center in California.  During that time I got to spend two hours with Mr. Vokey.  It was one of the best two hour time frames that I have spent over my 30 years of teaching.  I understood wedge fitting before I met him but now I understand why he gets the results with all of his tour guys.

The one thing I took away from the day most is a that there’s a Vokey wedge for every player, at every skill level.  Some key points from Mr. Vokey himself were:

  • Wedge Keys: in this order DISTANCE | ACCURACY | TRAJECTORY | FEEL
  • When fitting Wedges always hit your pitching wedge first to get numbers
  • If bending a wedge, always take a 56 to 55 or a 54 to a 53 but not the other way
  • Likes a 48 wedge in the bag vs a wedge out of the set for better control
  • High handicapper should never more than a 58 or 56 preferable
  • Turf interaction was substantially different from a 50 with 08 of degrees bounce vs 50 with 12 degrees of bounce. 12 degrees had more dig
  • Tour players 50% 3 wedges and 50% 4 wedges in the bag
  • 4 to 6 degrees loft between wedges but never more than 6 degrees
  • Key reason to only play three is because of longer iron in the bag
  • Bunker club for Adam Scott is a 54 F grind
  • K Grind: Snedeker, Scott, Duffner
  • Vokey’s favorite grind is the M Grind
Scott Sacket: A Day with Bob Vokey
Scott Sacket: A Day with Bob Vokey

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