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“The one thing I appreciate most is the simplistic manner in which Scott approaches teaching the golf swing.”
Len Mattiace, PGA Tour Winner
“Scott Sackett, like all the great teachers, makes the student comfortable with clear and simple analysis of issues.”
Ed Gowan, Executive Director, Arizona Golf Association
“The knowledge gained while using Trackman has been invaluable to my game.”
Mac Fritz , Vice President Player Promotion-U.S. Acushnet Company
“His skill at communicating the ‘how’ of the game into my swing has been a major factor in my improvement.”
Harvey Shank, Sr. Executive Vice President, Phoenix Suns

About Scott Sackett

Learning the game of golf has become extremely complicated.  I have taken the time spent with tour professionals, amateurs, junior players and beginners over thirty years of teaching and compressed that knowledge into a simple learning system.  With the help of TrackMan, V1 Video and the best in Titleist fitting equipment I would enjoy having an opportunity to simplify your game.

  • Ranked as one of America’s “Top 100 Teachers” by GOLF Magazine the past 14 years
  • Ranked as one of America’s “Best Teachers in State” by Golf Digest last 17 years
  • TrackMan Certified University Master
  • TrackMan Certification Professional Level 1 & 2 | Certified Operator
  • Recipient of the PGA Teacher of The Year Southwest Section
  • Leadership Advisory Staff for Titleist & FootJoy
  • Titleist Performance Institute | TPI Certified
  • Titleist Fitting Works Certified Club Fitter
  • Director of Instruction PGA TOUR Golf Academy World Golf Village 2001-2007
  • Director of Instruction Park Meadows Country Club in Park City, UT since 2011
  • Scott Sackett Golf Academy at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ since 2007
Scott Sackett Golf Instruction TPI Certfied
Scott Sackett TrackMan University Master

Scott Sackett At A Glance

Program Offerings

Private lessons are quickest avenue towards game improvement. I have individually designed my private lessons to help you get the most of your game in the shortest time frame.

In our first session, we need to answer 3 questions:

  • What is the current state of your game?
  • What are your long term goals along with a time table?
  • What specifically needs to take place to accomplish those goals?

As your coach I feel it is most beneficial to long term player development for you to understand the learning curve or what I like to call, the progression of improvement.  To learn more about my private lesson program, visit my programs page |  https://www.scottsackett.com/programs

I’ve designed the Scott Sackett Signature School as the ultimate three day game improvement program. My Signature School brings you the technology that currently 100 of the top 200 players in the world are using.

I believe most people, regardless of current ability can dramatically revamp and reshape their game over my 3 day Signature School.

Over the last 30 years of teaching, six of which were spent as Director of Instruction at the PGA TOUR Golf Academy, have taught me there is much more to getting better at golf than just hitting balls on the range and practicing well.

In the Scott Sackett Signature School, we will focus on providing you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and understanding of the latest technology, giving you the opportunity to acquire and implement the skill set which all great players have.

In my Signature School, each and every school is custom designed with flexible programs & dates to match your schedule.  I personally involve each one of my Signature School participants in the development process of learning experience.  To learn more about my Signature School, visit https://www.scottsackett.com/programs.

A TrackMan evaluation is strictly for players looking for their TrackMan data and relative state of their game.  This can include either a 1 hour TrackMan session where we work our way from lob wedge to driver collecting club delivery, ball & distance data personalized to you or I offer TrackMan combine examinations.  If you are interested in either, please visit the TrackMan section of my programs page https://www.scottsackett.com/programs.
With 30 years of fitting experience and an inventory including a wide variety of shafts with every flex imaginable.  I have driver club heads (along with Titleist D4 head) with lofts varying from 7 to 13.5 loft and a wide assortment of fairway woods, hybrids & Irons.  While being fit we will use TrackMan, the most accurate and powerful club fitting tool in the golf industry today.  Being a Titleist Certified Fitter, I have the 915 driver line, 716 Iron line and 816 Hybrid’s.  I know without a doubt I will be able to maximize the amount you get out of your game by having the best equipment fit properly for you! Please learn more about my Club Fitting program and process by visiting https://www.scottsackett.com/programs/

My Teaching Philosophy | The Way I See Golf  Instruction & Improvement.

I’ve taught numerous PGA Tour Professionals & numerous who never have played the game!  All students are equally important, no matter the skill level

I am a believer in simplicity and in my opinion, simplicity starts with listening to the student.  Most teachers are teaching a golf swing instead of teaching the student.  Through my last 30 years of teaching, I’ve learned to start every lesson by listening to the student’s needs, wants and goals.  That is where we start every lesson.

The last 4 years of teaching has become better that ever. With the advent of TrackMan there is no guess work with what is happening at impact.  The impact zone is all that really matters.  Rather it be putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, iron shots or driving, TrackMan helps accelerate the learning process. With the ability to use TrackMan virtually every lesson we are no longer speculating on ball flight.

Once we have all of the ball flight data, there are different ways that we can start to work with your game.  The goal is to create a feel or a sensation (something that you will be able to repeat on your own)  for what needs to happen.  Where the club needs to go, where the body needs to move, what might start the motion on the initial downswing.  Those are typical focal points in transitioning the student from old movement patterns to new.  The new movement patters aren’t always comfortable but they are paramount in taking your game to the next level.  Once you have captured the feel or sensation then that becomes a huge step towards better ball striking.

With all of the incredible technology, it is only a tool for learning and improvement.  Simplicity remains the major focal point in all my coaching.   In my written and now YouTube series, “Mastering the Basics”, I break down the importance of grip, posture, alignment, set-up and ball position.  Those basics serve as the foundation for each lesson.  Building a foundation around fundamentals becomes the building blocks for all swing changes and improvement.  The more simple we can make things, the simpler golf becomes.

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Fundamentals Are The Key to Success!

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