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TrackMan Lesson of the Week   2/27/18

Core Values

I am a believer great golf instruction starts with simplicity and in my opinion, simplicity starts with listening to the student.  Most coaches are teaching a golf swing instead of coaching the student.  Through my last 30 years of teaching, I’ve learned to start every lesson by listening to the student’s needs, wants and goals for them.
With the invent of TrackMan there is no guess work with what is happening at impact.  TrackMan without a doubt has changed golf instruction forever.  Simply, impact is what produces the golf shot therefore it is incredibly important to focus on.  With the ability to use TrackMan virtually every lesson, we are no longer speculating on ball flight.
The majority of my students are in a long term development program and have been with me for years.  Keeping golf instruction simple with the primary focus on being great with the fundamentals and implementing the newest technology into each lesson, I can continue to get results with each one of my students.  No matter their skill or goals.

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