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Scott Sackett Golf Instruction showing key swing positions to a junior player

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Core Values

I am a believer great golf instruction starts with simplicity and in my opinion, simplicity starts with listening to the student.  Most coaches are teaching a golf swing instead of coaching the student.  Through my last 30 years of teaching, I’ve learned to start every lesson by listening to the student’s needs, wants and goals for them.
With the invent of TrackMan there is no guess work with what is happening at impact.  TrackMan without a doubt has changed golf instruction forever.  Simply, impact is what produces the golf shot therefore it is incredibly important to focus on.  With the ability to use TrackMan virtually every lesson, we are no longer speculating on ball flight.
The majority of my students are in a long term development program and have been with me for years.  Keeping golf instruction simple with the primary focus on being great with the fundamentals and implementing the newest technology into each lesson, I can continue to get results with each one of my students.  No matter their skill or goals.

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Scott Sackett Signature School

  • 3 Day Instructional Immersion
  • Revamp & Reshape your game, guaranteed
  • Accelerated improvement and growth through the use of world class Technology like TrackMan, V1 & BodiTrack
  • 18 holes of golf everyday at Sun Ridge Canyon Golf Club in Fountain Hills, AZ
  • Long term game plan for continued growth and development

I believe most people, regardless of current ability can dramatically revamp and reshape their game over my 3 day Signature School.

Over the last 30 years of teaching, six of which were spent as director of instruction at the PGA TOUR Golf Academy, have taught me there is much more to getting better at golf than just hitting balls on the range and practicing well.

In the Scott Sackett Signature School, we will focus on providing you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and understanding of the latest technology, giving you the opportunity to acquire and implement the skill set which all great players have.

School Dates:
1/13-1/15:   SOLD OUT
1/19-1/21: 1 Spot Left
2/9-2/11: 1 Spot Left
3/16-3/18: 3 Spots Left
4/21-4/23: 3 Spots Left

Have questions?  Visit the Signature School FAQ question to learn more.

Titleist Product Line

The 2016-2017 Titleist Product Line has been released.  I am offering fittings with all the new equipment using TrackMan.  To get a quick snapshot on the 917 Driver & Fairway Woods, 816 Hybrids or 716 Irons, check out the tabs below.  To learn more about the technology behind this incredible equipment, visit

917 D2Titleist 917D3 homepage

Maximum distance and forgiveness.

Distance with forgiveness in a full 460cc pear profile. Offers more forgiveness, a slightly higher launch and more spin versus 917D3.

917 D3

Workable and forgiving.

Distance with workability in a traditional, Tour inspired 440cc pear profile. Offers more workability, a slightly lower launch and less spin versus 917D2.


Long, straight and forgiving.917 F2F3 Homepage

All-around playability with forgiveness and more distance in a larger profile fairway. Slightly more spin and higher launch versus 917F3.


Workable and forgiving.

Versatility with shot control and more distance in a compact profile fairway. Slightly less spin and lower launch versus 917F2.

716 AP1Titleist AP 1 & AP 2

For golfers seeking maximum distance and maximum forgiveness.

The use of extreme high density tungsten moves weight to the perimeter increasing moment of inertia on off-center hits. 716 AP1 irons are the most forgiving among irons of similar size.

716 AP2

For golfers seeking a Tour-proven design with distance, forgiveness and feel.

The most advanced, solid feeling and forgiving Tour played irons we’ve ever made. An innovative co-forged construction with high density tungsten low and on the perimeter increases moment of inertia for speed on off-center hits.

716 CBTitleist 716 MB & CB

For golfers seeking shot control with forgiveness and forged feel.

An innovative co-forged construction puts high density tungsten low and on the perimeter for added forgiveness in a Tour-proven cavity blade profile.

716 MB

For golfers seeking maximum shot control with traditional forged feel.

Designed using a combination of player input and high tech CAD modeling, 716 MB irons deliver a pure, forged, muscle back feel.

716 T-MBTitleist 716 Hero 2 Iron

For golfers that need high launch and long carry distance and prefer the look of a blade.

The muscle back frame with extreme tungsten weighting provides a powerful combination of forgiveness with high launch.

816 H1816 Hybrid

Superior technology for long game performance.

High launching hybrids that fly farther and land soft.

Active Recoil Channel technology actively flexes at impact to generate high speed and low spin for long distance. The Ultra Thin Face delivers speed and distance across the entire hitting area. The high MOI design delivers speed on off-center hits.

816 H2 Hybrid

816 H2

Superior technology for long game performance.

Compact hybrids for iron like control with more distance.

816 Hybrids have a relieved leading edge and Active Recoil Channel™ edge to help them glide through the turf.

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